Sunday, 22 January 2012

Top 10 - Worst Reasons For Ordering a Mobile Chest X-Ray (and what your response should be)

10. The Doctor said it should be mobile
(Ok, but did they say why?)

9. The patient is tired
(Not going to make them run down here)

8. The patient is having lunch
(Can't be super urgent then)

7. The patient is about to go home
(Then do they actually need an x-ray? If yes, surely they are now well enough to visit our fine department?)

6. The patient doesn't feel like coming down to the department
(Did you tell them we have heated blankets down here?)

5. We lost the pre-op films
(Thank goodness for online storage)

4. The patient is on oxygen
(They have recently invented portable oxygen bottles)

3. We forgot to order it last night
(Then we'll do it this morning??)

2. The patient has pain
(They are in hospital - par for the course - we promise not to make them do yoga while they're down here)

1. Well, you are already x-raying the patient next door so while you're here….
(What if we stand them side by side and do it at the same time?)


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  2. Haha good one :)
    What I get to hear the most is "the patient is desaturating"

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